The OFII adventure

If you are, or have been, an assistant in France that did not live in the European Union, you probably know about OFII (L’Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Integration), since you, like me, need a visa to legally work here. For some it can be tricky/complicated, so here was what the process was like for me. For questions about the general visa process, visit my post here! Continue reading “The OFII adventure”


A new year

It seems like 2017 was a pretty terrible year for a lot of people. All over social media I see people talking about how the year constantly kicked them down, how horrible it was for them, and how happy they are for it to be over. Looking back on it, there were definitely quite a few terrible events that happened around the world. But for me personally this was one of the best years I remember.

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The Christmas Tag!

The holiday season is in full swing with Christmas a few days away! I’m still in shock with how fast this year (and my time in France) has passed! December 18th marked three months since my arrival in Pau!

I was tagged by the amazing Rebecca from Rebecca Goes Rendezvous to take part in the Christmas tag, so here goes!

1. What is your favorite Christmas film?

There are so many good holiday movies to choose from, so this is hard! While I love a lot of the cheesy hallmark rom-coms, I think one of my favorites is A Charlie Brown Christmas! My whole family loves the animated films (Charlie Brown, Rudolph, the cartoon version of the Grinch) and we usually try to watch them together when we can. Though I’ll admit this year I’ve been lacking in watching Christmas films since I’ve mostly been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix in my free time. It’s shameful!

2. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

My family has always done a fake tree. I love the idea of a real tree, getting to choose the best one every year, and having the house smell like fresh pine, but my family has always loved the practicality of a fake tree: no water and, more importantly, no dead prickles everywhere at the end of the season! Plus I love the uniformity of the lights on my family’s pre-lit tree.

3. What is your favorite Christmas song?

love Cascada’s (yes, the same Cascada that sang “Everytime We Touch,” she still exists!!) “Somewhere at Christmas Time” but recently I’ve also fallen in love with Sia’s new song “Underneath the Mistletoe.” But no Christmas is complete without obsessively blasting every one of Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs.

4. What is your favorite Christmas scent?

As cliché as it sounds, I love the smell of freshly baked treats and cinnamon! In the past I’ve baked pumpkin whoopie pies and the smell of them baking is perfection!

5. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

In the past when I was younger Christmas Eve was usually a big event at my family’s house. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, would all come to our house and have a nice night together. The last few years have actually each been different. One year we spent in Maryland, one in Upstate New York, and this year will be at my parents’ new house in Florida, so in a way it’s almost becoming tradition to shake it up every year!

6. Do you open any presents on Christmas eve?

Yes! Usually what my family does is we do a main gift and a bunch of smaller stocking stuffers. On Christmas eve we’ll have a big dinner and each open our main gift, and then on Christmas Day we’ll do the stocking stuffers!

7. What tops your Christmas tree?

My family has always done a star!

8. What is the best thing about Christmas for you?

Call it cliché, but I really love getting to see my family. I feel like until I started university I never realized how much I really appreciated being able to see my family. Once I got to college and didn’t get to see them as often I really started to appreciate the holiday season more and more because of the time spent together.

9. What is your favorite festive food or treat?

Remember those pumpkin whoopie pies I linked above? Well I could probably eat those forever. I’m also a big fan of apple pie, pecan pie, and baked macaroni and cheese!

10. What is on the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

There isn’t really much that I’m really craving since I’m just happy to be able to spend the holidays with my family this year, since it’s been about three and a half months since I’ve seen any of them. But if I had to pick something I would say some new camera stuff. I’ve been eyeing a macro lens and a neutral density filter on amazon, so I may treat myself to it once I’m back in the states for the holidays!

I’m going to tag Anne and my good friend Ariana!

Hope everyone has an amazing holiday full of happiness and love!


The most wonderful time of the year

Place Clemenceau

I am by no means a winter person. I’ve always preferred the flowers of spring and the beachy days of summer. I hate the feeling of my skin stinging when I come into contact with the freezing air, when my lips crack from the dry air every time I smile, and the endless process of putting on and taking off the many layers of clothing. But despite this deep hatred for winter and the bitter cold, I love love love the holiday season.

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Nuremberg: accidentally the best

Church 2When I told people that I was visiting Nuremberg, a good amount of them said something along the lines of “why would you visit Nuremberg? There’s literally nothing there!” to which I replied “Honestly it was the cheapest place to fly from Milan so I kind of just booked it without really thinking lol.” Well… to all of you doubters out there, Nuremberg was phenomenal and actually was my favorite place out of everywhere I visited!

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