The OFII adventure

If you are, or have been, an assistant in France that did not live in the European Union, you probably know about OFII (L’Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Integration), since you, like me, need a visa to legally work here. For some it can be tricky/complicated, so here was what the process was like for me. For questions about the general visa process, visit my post here! Continue reading “The OFII adventure”


The most wonderful time of the year

Place Clemenceau

I am by no means a winter person. I’ve always preferred the flowers of spring and the beachy days of summer. I hate the feeling of my skin stinging when I come into contact with the freezing air, when my lips crack from the dry air every time I smile, and the endless process of putting on and taking off the many layers of clothing. But despite this deep hatred for winter and the bitter cold, I love love love the holiday season.

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Nuremberg: accidentally the best

Church 2When I told people that I was visiting Nuremberg, a good amount of them said something along the lines of “why would you visit Nuremberg? There’s literally nothing there!” to which I replied “Honestly it was the cheapest place to fly from Milan so I kind of just booked it without really thinking lol.” Well… to all of you doubters out there, Nuremberg was phenomenal and actually was my favorite place out of everywhere I visited!

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