A very brief TAPIF update!

As we know, I was accepted to participate in TAPIF in mid-April to teach in the Académie de Bordeaux, starting in the fall! To say I was relieved upon reading that email is a gross understatement.

After weeks of non-stop extreme anxiety of the unknown (the académie de Bordeaux is very big, and I could’ve been placed anywhere in it), I finally received an email from a coordinatrice at the high school that I’ll be working at, and now know that I’ll be living in the city of Pau (originally I thought it was pronounced like “pow” but now I think it’s pronounced “Poh”). It’s a city/town of around 85,000 people (according to wikipedia) very close to the Pyrénées and Spain (around 85 km from the French-Spanish border). I’ll be working at a high school, teaching students that can be aged between 16 and 21!

Now that I know where I’ll be, it means I can officially start looking for living arrangements and roommates and such! Fingers crossed the search will go well.

And with that, my very brief TAPIF update is over. À bientôt!

France Can’t Get Rid of Me That Easily: Accepted to TAPIF

Even though I’ve been learning French since middle school, I didn’t take my first college-level French course until my second year at UMD.  During that first course my professor at the time (who also happened to lead my program in Montpellier, France the summer of 2015) told me about TAPIF.

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