The final days: A weekend in Paris

Saturday morning had me on another Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to the wonderful city of Paris for one final weekend before heading back to New York!
I arrived in Paris around noon, got my bags and took the good ol’ RER from Charles de Gaulle to Gare du Nord, where I took the 2 line to get to my hostel.

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All good things must come to an end: Last weekend in Toulouse and Carcassonne

It’s so hard to believe that my time in Nice is already at its end.  As clichĂ© as it sounds, it feels like I just got here a few weeks ago, yet here I am four months later preparing to say goodbye to the city.

This weekend our program had our end-of-the-semester excursion to Toulouse and Carcassonne.  After finishing the last of our classes at the Université de Nice this past Friday, all 16 of us (plus our professor) took an EasyJet flight from Nice to Toulouse on Saturday.

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April Break Part I: Amsterdam


So as I mentioned a few weeks ago, my parents came to visit for April break!  They arrived late morning on Saturday the 14th, so that day I showed them some sites in Nice and then the next day we explored Monaco (I took pictures but I’m not going to post them here because I’m lazy).

Then on Monday we took an early flight to Amsterdam!

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France Can’t Get Rid of Me That Easily: Accepted to TAPIF

Even though I’ve been learning French since middle school, I didn’t take my first college-level French course until my second year at UMD.  During that first course my professor at the time (who also happened to lead my program in Montpellier, France the summer of 2015) told me about TAPIF.

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12 Weeks Gone Part II: Aix-en-Provence and April Break Plans!

The only cloud in the sky.  We thought it looked like a rock star.

Since this weekend was the second-to-last free weekend we have in Nice, Grace, Trey, and I discussed a potential Saturday trip to Lyon this weekend.  Unfortunately after searching trains, buses, and even planes, we decided that a trip to Lyon was out of the question since the cheapest option was still over $150 round-trip.  After some searching, we decided on taking a bus to Aix-en-Provence instead!

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