France Can’t Get Rid of Me That Easily: Accepted to TAPIF

Even though I’ve been learning French since middle school, I didn’t take my first college-level French course until my second year at UMD.  During that first course my professor at the time (who also happened to lead my program in Montpellier, France the summer of 2015) told me about TAPIF.

TAPIF, or “Teaching Assistant Program in France,” is, you guessed it, a teaching assistant program in France where you live in France for seven months teaching English to French students (as a teaching assistant, as implied by the program name).  The application is open from October of the year before you’d be working to that January and acceptances are sent out within the first two weeks of April.

As soon as she told us about the program I knew it was something that I had to do.  It was one of those things that seemed like it was meant for me.  So after obsessing over it for over two years, reading multiple blogs of past or current assistants and panicking over which regions to choose for my preferences, I submitted my application in January, which began the obsessive waiting for the results.

Thankfully for me I’ve been in Nice, so I’ve been busy living life to the fullest, which has kept me from dwelling too much on the program.  Until April 1st when I knew that I would be getting results soon.

When I have been checking my email every ten minutes since the beginning of April, I’m not exaggerating.  In class, on my commute, at the beach, in the grocery store, while in bed.  But finally, this afternoon on the last day of the first two weeks of April, I received that beautiful email.

“Acceptance to TAPIF 2017-2018 – Académie de Bordeaux”

Luckily I was already on the floor because if I wasn’t, I would have collapsed.  When you fill out the application you have three choices of académies (French regional school districts), and Bordeaux was my first choice.  So to be able to say that I not only got in but that I got my top pick is amazing!

But just because I’ve been placed in the académie of Bordeaux doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily be in the city itself.  I could be placed there, but I could also be placed in a suburb or a village in the country.  I won’t know until the summer, so more waiting!  But right now I’m just happy–no, ecstatic–that I can officially say that after two and a half years, I have been ACCEPTED to TAPIF!  Which also means that the life of this blog will have more life in France after this semester!

My teaching contract will begin the first of October of this year, so I’ll probably leave in mid-September to settle myself in, find living arrangements, etc.  But it looks like France will be stuck with me for an additional seven months!

Until next time!


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