If You Can, Visit Cannes

Taken at the Fortified Monastery mentioned below!

I couldn’t resist the pun.

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Halfway There: Rollerblading and a Trip to Antibes

CIG_IMG003Last Saturday (March 10th) was the 8 week mark for my trip, which means the semester is halfway done and I can’t believe it.  But more on that at the end of the post!

One of my friends here discovered that there’s a store that rents out rollerblades, so last Friday a group of us rented pairs for only 8 euros!

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Take Time for Yourself

When I was in high school I hated doing things alone.  Going to the movies?  Going to the mall?  Going to the grocery store?  It could have been the most insignificant task but I wanted a friend to go with me, because for some reason I was afraid people would judge me if I was alone, as if anyone was actually paying attention.  I started to grow out of it in my final months of high school, but it wasn’t until my first year at UMD that I really discovered the joy of doing things on my own.

This past Wednesday I had the day off from classes and decided I needed a day to myself, so I took a day trip to Èze, a small village just east of Nice.  It takes around 20-25 minutes to get there if you take the bus.

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