Hello, it’s me

I’ve never had a real blog before (aside from a tumblr, but does that really count?) so apologies if this is done wrong in any way!

Hi!  I figured I would start this new blog off with an introduction post (even though the only people that will be reading this are probably my close friends and I)!

I’m Kenny!  I’m a senior biology and French dual degree at the University of Maryland, originally from New York (Long Island, not the city).  I came to UMD as a biochemistry major (with thoughts of declaring a French minor) but quickly realized that biochemistry is not simply a mix of biology and chemistry and that it is, in fact, pretty much all chemistry (yuck).  Needless to say, three weeks into my first semester I happily switched to the wonderful world of biology and haven’t looked back (I still get a cold chill whenever I see “biochemistry major” in the first section of my transcript)!  The French minor became a major this semester when I decided to study abroad!

In terms of my interests, the very bare basics are a love of Lady Gaga and Carrie Underwood, any and all dogs, and Italian food.  I’m also big into outdoorsy stuff like camping and hiking!  There’s a lot more obviously but I’m not going to go into detail right now.

The main purpose of this blog is to document my time abroad (like so many other college students) in Nice, France, where I’ll be spending my final semester of undergrad (yikes, I feel old)!  I’m hoping that with a new digital camera I’ll be able to document the journey with high quality photos but we shall see!

In terms of my time in Nice, I leave on January 13th from Miami to Lisbon, Portugal, then Lisbon to Nice!  I’ll be staying with a host family that doesn’t speak any English for the duration, then returning to the US on May 15th (after spending an additional two days in Paris!), and then I graduate the next week!

That’s all I can think of for now!  I don’t know if I’ll update this at all before the semester actually starts or not, but who knows!  If I do update, à bientot, and if not, à janvier!